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This website contains the visual outcomes from the hybrid practice of Joel Kern. These works include in-progress and completed projects from various points in his career. Works included are from his tenure at Krewe, MTWTF, as well as freelance and self-authored works over the past 10 years. 

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Arrangements in Color + Braille
Experiemental Design Research

Client: Self-Authored
Collaborators: JKDS
Status: Ongoing
Year: 2016
Tags: Media,  Platform
This book acts as documentation of the four experiments conducted to find the best way to connect braille, a tactile language, to a specific visual presentation. I chose to use specific primary colors and strategic tile placements to emulate the tactile characteristics of braille. These experiments explored both the additive (light) and subtractive (pigment) color theories, braille, and human interaction to provide awareness for the sighted community of the beauties of braille while simultaneously including color to help achieve its understanding.