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This website contains the visual outcomes from the hybrid practice of Joel Kern. These works include in-progress and completed projects from various points in his career. Works included are from his tenure at Krewe, MTWTF, as well as freelance and self-authored works over the past 10 years. 

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Human Behavorial Patterns
Conditional Pattern Making Workshop & Motion Pattern Video

Client: Self-authored
Collaborators: JKDS
Status: Complete
Year: 2018
Tags: Environmental, Platform, Media

The content of this video was sourced from a collaborative conditional pattern making workshop. The participant (in this case Elaine) directed me (the tool) via Skype without using voice commands or written text to create a pattern based on the 5 provided elements in 15 minutes. This entire exercise was a mirror. I devised this exercise with the sole intention to screen-capture the participants actions and reactions throughout the workshop.

The observation of constricted real-time communication was what I was after. It gave me insight into the different ways humans communicate to solve problems given the specific conditions that were in place.

After conducting the workshop and analyzing the behavioral patterns I decided to use each of the four unique behaviors as the single elements to make a pattern.