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This website contains the visual outcomes from the hybrid practice of Joel Kern. These works include in-progress and completed projects from various points in his career. Works included are from his tenure at Krewe, MTWTF, as well as freelance and self-authored works over the past 10 years. 

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Visualize NYC 2021

Client: Center For Architecture, AIA New York
Collaborators: MTWTF, Civic Data Design Lab, Kudos Design Collaboratory, Accurat
Status: In-progress
Year: 2020
Tag: Identity, Media, Platform

MTWTF was hired to collaborate on the identity and a digital exhibition help make sense of the future of New York’s built environment and the role the 2021 election will play. The Center for Architecture and MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab (CDDL) teamed up for Visualize New York: 2021, a digital project using data visualizations to explain these pivotal topics and provide New Yorkers with the information they need going into one of the most important election seasons of the past few decades.

The project, led by CDDL director Sarah Williams, includes context on four topics: climate change, the right to housing, the future of the public realm, and public health. Within each of those, data visualizations will unpack how these issues play out on our streets, in our neighborhoods, within buildings, and throughout the city at large.

Visualize NYC 2021 will also serve as a platform for New Yorkers to make their voices heard: CDDL and the Center for Architecture gives visitors the opportunity to weigh in on the changes they want to see in their neighborhoods, particularly given the outcome of the 2021 election. Thought-provoking questions (such as “What does a healthy city look like?” or “The right to housing is…”) invite city residents to consider what they want for New York’s future.

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